Interesting facts about planet Earth

Giving names to the planets of the solar system, astronomers focused on the ancient pantheon.
Almost every visible celestial body bears the name of a god or goddess, in extreme cases -
famous hero or character.
Earth is an exception. The name was not borrowed from Roman or ancient Greek
mythology, and this distinguishes our home from other celestial bodies.

The concentration of this precious metal is highest in the core of our planet. Concentrated there
up to 99% of all the gold that is on Earth. It is so much that it could cover
the surface of the planet with a layer of half a meter. But to get it is impossible not only because of the depth, but also
because of the temperature of the earth’s core - 5500 degrees Celsius, as much as on the Sun.

There are billions of living organisms on the planet. Which one is the largest, and which one is
the smallest?
Oddly enough, the largest palm is given ... to the mushroom. These plants have a root
the system can grow very far. In 1992, in Oregon, a mushroom was found whose roots
occupied 0.89 ha.
And the smallest (excluding microorganisms and unicellular) recognized as swine-flying
mouse: length 3-3.3 centimeters, weight up to 2 grams.